TIM is a self-taught photographer born in Paris in 1993. The three-letters alias stands for her initials, Tristane I. Mesquita.
Although she’s been taking pictures since her teenage years, TIM mostly developed her photography skills alongside the band Savages. For over two years, she followed the four musicians on tour from Europe to the USA as their official photographer, documenting her friends’ adventures both on stage and backstage. During this experience, she developed an obsession with capturing fleeting emotions before they expire. 

In addition to her long-term projects ('Fragments', 'TMMT - a love diary'...), Tristane is currently working on several new series that will explore themes such as feminism, mental health and beauty standards. 

Prints available. For any inquiries, send an email to :

Group Exhibitions

• 'Fragments' 29 August 2017 — DOOMED GALLERY, London, UK

Solo Exhibitions

• 'Just a Glimpse' 1-31 December 2016 — LA MAISON SAGE, Paris, FR
• 'Just a Glimpse' 10-13 November 2016 — LE GUESS WHO? Festival, Utrecht, NL 

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